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By damian - March 4th, 2023 Posted in No comments

Cornwall Space Cluster

Cornwall Space Cluster is leading some of the biggest innovations currently taking place in space.

The cluster is a group of assets, universities, businesses and industry experts across Cornwall – working in manufacturing, launch services, satellite tracking, Earth observation, remote sensing, and data applications. This far-reaching group serve an international client base and have Cornwall’s best interests at the heart of what they do.

Cornwall offers launch services from Spaceport Cornwall, whose ambition is to provide a safe, dedicated and responsible way to access space, capable of supporting small satellite launches and connecting people, businesses and ideas.

With ground station services from Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd and Avanti Communications, and an AI and Machine Learning Institute at Goonhilly, Cornwall’s Space Cluster offers an end-to-end space solution for businesses across the globe.

Cornwall boasts businesses across many industries who use satellite data to track pollution, rising seas, deforestation, and over population, working with communities both locally and across the globe to combat climate change.

By exploiting Cornwall’s natural assets, by using the high-tech facilities available, and by enabling business growth, Cornwall Space Cluster is creating a world-beating space industry, yet one that is fairer, more inclusive and greener.​