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UKspace is the trade association of the UK space industry. We are dedicated to representing the interests of our Members and supporting them in growing and developing their businesses. As a UKspace Member you have access to a wealth of information, advice, support and expertise from the UK space industry.

Members have a say on the way forward for the industry

Our Role:

  • Acting as the leading voice of the UK space industry
  • Growing the UK’s share of the global space market, by promoting the best commercial, political and public environment for the UK space industry
  • Promoting greater awareness in government, the media, the public and other key stakeholders of the wide-ranging benefits from one of the UK’s most innovative, high skilled and value-adding sectors
  • Acting as the focal point for any organisation commercially involved in space systems and related services in the UK
  • Providing the primary forum for industry dialogue with the UK government and with other national and international stakeholders
  • Supporting the space SME community

UKspace companies are helping to deliver a space-enabled future and acting as an engine for growth for the UK economy.
Graham Peters, Managing Director of Avanti Government Solutions, and Chair UKspace.

UKspace: promoting space jointly with ADS and techUK

SME Forum

    • Discover how the SME Forum focuses on the needs of SMEs and provides a low-cost route to a range of expertise and resource for a vital part of the space industrial community. Click here for more info.