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Albora Technologies logo

ALBORA Technologies

ALBORA offers high-end, cyber-proof and high-precision geolocation solutions for asset tracking and management for infrastructure, logistics, industry 4.0, new mobility and autonomous navigation.

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Apogee Engineering

Apogee Engineering

Apogee Engineering is a Leicestershire-based SME specialising in systems and mechanical design engineering for the space industry, academia and for industrial R&D. The company is able to operate flexibly; as well as acting as a project partner, it provides consultancy or contract engineering services. Apogee also provides CAD modelling and drafting services, finite element (stress, vibration and thermal) modelling and reporting, as well as prototyping and manufacturing services.

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AstroAgency logo


AstroAgency is the UK’s first space-focused marketing firm, providing strategic guidance to help innovative companies thrive in the new commercial space sector. Our clients range from established space organisations and start-ups, to supply chain companies that are not yet part of the space industry, but hold the transferable skills and experience to enter the market.

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AVEALTO Ltd. Intends to operate a fleet of High Altitude Platform (“HAP”) vehicles to provide high value telecom infrastructure services to developed and undeveloped areas.

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Azuries logo

Azuries Space Mission Studios

Azuries Space Mission Studios creates space missions to immaculately fit the aspirations of discerning clients, providing impeccable client care, attention to detail, domain expertise and creativity.

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Craft Prospect

Craft Prospect has three core business areas, based on over 30 years’ experience working on small space and CubeSat system, leading missions from concept through to delivery

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Data Duopoly logo

Data Duopoly

Data Duopoly is a Cornwall-based start-up from the Launchpad incubator, who solve the issue of congestion and frustrations experienced by visitors by offering personalised incentives to discover and navigate venues. Their aim is to revolutionise the visitor experience in any venue worldwide. Data Duopoly create a win-win situations for both visitors and venues, by offering personalised discounts to visitors, as an incentive to visit less busy areas around an attraction. Data Duopoly has already gained traction, by piloting their unique technology with the Eden Project, where it was demonstrated that the platform can shift visitor flow away from less busy areas via targeted incentives. From this, unique location data insights are gathered, to improve attractions’ future planning, and increase concessionary spending on-site. In addition, visitors benefit from an engaging and tailored experience at venues, and less queuing due to the improved visitor distribution. With two highly motivated Co-Founders, Tanuvi Ethunandan, a Chartered Accountant, and Erin Morris, an award-winning Film Director, Data Duopoly have the skills to bring this to life.

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Glas Data logo

Glas Data

Glas Data is an agri-tech company based in Cornwall. Its data dashboard, GlasCore, simplifies data management. By developing its own open ecosystem to help farmers, consultants, processors and retailers, Glas Data can help clients meet ongoing demand.

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Grey Consultants 400

Grey Consultants

Grey Consultants Ltd supports the development of science & technology related businesses and services. Its team of technical specialists and business consultants develop strategic roadmaps, business plans and support new product introduction. Based in the heart of the City of London, the company's growing client portfolio includes UK Space Agency, Deloitte and Mott MacDonald. Grey Consultants' projects span UK, Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East.

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Lift Me Off 400

Lift Me Off

Lift Me Off is a space technology company which provides innovative solutions in propulsion and computer vision. In the field of propulsion, LMO develops chemical propulsion systems and steerable gimbal mechanisms which enable agile manoeuvres for standard and in-orbit servicing missions. In the field of computer vision, LMO develops Space Situational Awareness Solutions for identification, tracking, feature recognition and pose estimation of satellites.

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NSSW logo


From researching new and existing technologies, to investigating their uses in space, to analysing existing problems, NSSW can help you get where you want to be faster.

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orthogonal logo 400

Orthogonal Ltd

Orthogonal Ltd is an engineering company providing Additive Manufacturing Solutions. Specialising in Super Polymers – PEEK, Carbon PEEK, ULTEM AM9085 and Carbon PA. It utilises Roboze Industrial ARGO series printers to produce accurate and repeatable product with full process control. In addition to product manufacture, Orthogonal also provides design for additive manufacture engineering services and reverse engineering for part re-production or enhancement.

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PlanSpatial 400


PlanSpatial offers you a planning platform for linking spatial data, public health policy and programme management.

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PowerMarket logo


PowerMarket leverages earth observation data and its IP deep-learning technology to help solar investors and developers simplify and de-risk solar projects, while maximising return on investment. PowerMarket's turn-key solar project management solution helps enterprises consolidate and automate a highly fragmented, time-consuming, expensive and technologically complex solar execution process.

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Satellite Vu

Satellite Vu

Satellite Vu is a London based start-up that will launch the first constellation of high-resolution thermal imaging satellites. The satellites can accurately measure surface temperatures at multiple times of day and night down to the level of individual structures and the surrounding natural environment. This data will provide valuable insights into economic activity, energy efficiency, environmental monitoring and geospatial intelligence.

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Space Time Development

Space Time Development is an independent consultancy providing value-added services to clients through strategic partnerships, events and business development programmes. Space Time focuses on supporting high- tech sectors with an emphasis on the space and satellite industry.

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Space Store logo

Space Store

Space Store is an experiential store dedicated to bringing space to everyone, everywhere, every day.

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Spelfie logo


Spelfie offers unique Space to Consumer (S2C) engagement strategies. The company's initial strategy, in partnership with AIRBUS, captures real-time satellite images of events and their attendees. The images are optimised for social sharing, creating a digital souvenir, from an entirely new perspective, space! In the near future, Spelfie's US Patent, issued in March 2021, will help current and future partners create new and exciting S2C strategies. The company believes the relationship between humankind and satellites offers exciting societal, climate & commercial opportunities.

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UKCOA logo


UKCOA manages commercial space operations, working with businesses already established in the sector and businesses looking to get into the sector. The company develops new technologies and aims to reduce costs associated with space operations.

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