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UKspace has a diverse corporate membership from manufacturers, distributors, satellite operators and developers through to both large and small-scale businesses related to the Upstream and Downstream sectors within the space industry.

The committees, working groups, and events provide members with opportunities to network, seek out business development opportunities, learn, influence markets and stakeholders and keep up-to-date with current, related developments.

With the rapid growth of this vibrant industry we also have a growing contingent of overseas members looking to do business in the UK.

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UKspace Membership Criteria

Membership of UKspace is open to UK registered companies that:

  • Undertake in the UK R&D, manufacturing, service or consultancy activity in the space sector or
    • a subsidiary of an overseas large space business in the UK, or
    • a large UK business establishing itself in the space market
  • Display a continuous commitment to the UK space industry and support collective efforts to grow the sector and contribute to UK economic activity

The UKspace Executive

The UKspace Executive reserves the right to recommend to Council that membership be withdrawn from any member company that, in its judgment, fails to adhere to the spirit of these criteria.

UK organisations owned by the public sector, universities and the charity sector are eligible to be members, providing they have Trading Fund status or its equivalent (e.g. companies limited by guarantee with independent directors), or can demonstrate that they expect to have it in the near future.

All membership requests are subject to approval by the UKspace Executive.​

UKspace Membership Benefits

Members can be introduced to industry, finance, government, and key contacts in Europe.
Further benefits include networking at our industry events and access to technical support and advice.

SME Membership Criteria

SMEs with a turnover of less than £4m which meet the business criteria above and wish to be part of the trade association are eligible to join as SME members.

Being an SME member delivers a range of networking and business development opportunities, and is supported by UKspace Council member companies and the Satellite Finance Network, working closely with the Satellite Applications Catapult.

Membership costs are modest and determined by company turnover, with a cap of £4m.

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Start-ups Membership Criteria

This level membership is for start-up companies that are interested in being part of the UK space sector but have no revenues yet.

There is a £50 cost for this level membership.

They will have access to a range of networking and business development opportunities provided by UKspace.

Current Start-up Members

How do I join UKspace?

Membership of UKspace is open to any company involved in the UK space business. All applications for Council membership are reviewed by the Executive Committee for approval. The Executive Committee uses a banding system, based on turnover within the UK, to currently decide fees.

For further information about joining UKspace, please contact us.