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Members Area

UKspace has several levels of operation:

President UKspace

Leading industrialist from a member company chosen to represent the industry and the association at the most senior levels in government. The President co-chairs the Space Sector Council with the Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency in concert with the Minister responsible for space.

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Chair UKspace

The Chair of UKspace is a member of the trade association and is elected by the Council Members, and will hold the office for two years.

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UKspace Executive

The UKspace Executive comprises the Chair, Vice-Chair and all sector committee Chairs. They oversee the work of the association on behalf of all member companies.

The Executive Committee meets bi-monthly. This is the Executive decision-making board of UKspace. It is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Sector Committee and Working Group Chairs.

UKspace Council

As the central policy institution of UKspace, the UKspace Council directs the association’s operations. It endorses the scope and objectives of all cross-cutting activities undertaken on behalf of UKspace, as well as the work of sub-committees and groups. Membership comprises representatives from all UKspace member companies.

The UKspace Council meets bi-monthly and its tasks include:

  • Producing policy and position papers on key issues
  • Setting the scope and objectives for actions to be undertaken in the interests of UKspace members
  • Monitoring the work of its committees
  • Interacting with relevant advisory bodies and staff in the UK Space Agency, other areas of government, the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission and Eurospace (the European space trade association)

All new membership requests are subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

Sector Committees 

Sector Committees – drive the engine room activities of UKspace. These groupings – drawn from member company representatives – are established to meet either sector or pan-industry challenges. Their work programmes are approved and coordinated by the UKspace Council and include monitoring and interacting with appropriate UK Space Agency, Innovate UK and other HMG bodies.

Our committees and working groups are:

  • Earth Observation (Applications & Missions) Committee (EOC)
  • Position, Navigation and Timing Committee (PNTC) – joint techUK/UKspace
  • Satellite Telecommunications Committee – joint techUK/UKspace (STC)
  • Security and Defence Committee (SDC)
  • Space Science and Exploration Committee (SSEC)
  • UKspace Launch Committee (ULC)
  • Media Advisory Group (MAG)
  • Trade & Exports Group (TEG)
  • In Orbit Service (IOSM)
  • SME Committee
  • Parliamentary Advisory Group (PAG)
  • LaunchUK Industry Group (LIG)
  • Regulatory Advisory Group (RAG)

(Ad-hoc working groups are formed from time to time to address specific issues.)

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