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Throughout World Space Week (4-10 October), which is a UN-declared annual celebration of space, UKspace published a series of articles analysing the impact of satellites and how they improve life.

This was in line with the theme of WSW2020 ‘Satellites improve life’, which is focusing on satellites and their broad benefits in daily life, including how our lives are affected by satellite technology through communications, environmental monitoring, transportation, weather forecasting, telemedicine and science. Thanks to Inmarsat, Spirent, Avanti Communications, Earth-i, AAC Clyde Space and Lacuna Space for their respective contributions. Visit the World Space Week website

Imagineering new frontiers for satellite technology

Fulfilling immediate needs and predicting future events

The secret new ingredient your cup of coffee depends on

Facilitating economic development and education through satellite communications

Revolutionising agricultural efficiency and productivity

The hidden benefits of satellites on our day-to-day lives