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UKspace is the trade association of the British space industry and has been its leading voice for over 30 years.

It promotes the interests of industry with: the UK government, parliament and national and international stakeholders.

We represent a diverse membership across the industry, and work in conjunction with our members to achieve the best business framework to promote growth.

Together with our partnersADS and techUK, we are dedicated to representing the interests of our Members and supporting them in growing and developing their businesses.

We work alongside the UK Space AgencyInnovate UK, the Satellite Applications Catapult, the Satellite Finance Network and governmental organisations such as Ofcom, Department for International Trade and others.

We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us and remain committed to the goal of raising our share of the expected £400 billion global space-enabled market to 10% by 2030.

The greatest challenge now is for the space industry to reach out to other sectors of the UK and global economy that can benefit from space applications, data and services. The aim should be to create a space-enabled economy where space component provide new advantage that lead to growth, new jobs and increased market share in areas not traditionally linked to space.

Andy Green, President of UKspace

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QinetiQ is a global integrated defence and security company focused on mission-led innovation for defence, security and civil customers around the world. The company has 6,000 people creating new ways of protecting what matters most; testing technologies, systems and processes to make sure they work as expected; and enabling customers to deploy new and enhanced-existing capabilities with the assurance they will deliver the outcomes required. QinetiQ’s space business is trusted to design and deliver mission success and has over 35 mission-years in orbit delivering observation, small satellite platforms, science, navigation, propulsion, and secure communications support across military, security and civil space sectors.

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As a member of UKspace, you can gain access to industry, finance, government, and key contacts in Europe, as well as networking opportunities and access to technical support and advice.