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By damian - August 1st, 2018 Posted in No comments

Goonhilly Earth Station

Goonhilly is synonymous with innovative British engineering and technological advances. It is famous for being at the heart of the satellite communications industry. Goonhilly, strategically located at the UK’s southern-most point, is now under the private ownership of Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd; a world leading satellite & space communications company. Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd has the ideal location, assets and resource capabilities to support: Near Space (including LEO, MEO & GEO) commercial satellite communications, Deep Space communications, data centre services and Systems Engineering/Space consulting. We have a dedicated on-site engineering team and benefit from some of the best fibre connectivity in the whole of the UK. At Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd, we welcome partnerships and collaborations and we are motivated to find the best solutions for all of our customers.

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