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By damian - February 1st, 2023 Posted in No comments

Oxford Space Systems

Oxford Space Systems (OSS) has a vision to be the global leader in deployable antennas for space. One of a small number of new satellite hardware manufacturers, OSS leverages technology from beyond the space sector to develop innovative antenna systems for space. Antennas can be the most critical part of a satellite – the whole reason for putting it into space. OSS provides antennas that are lighter, less complex, more stowage efficient, and therefore more valuable to our customers.

The company has its own custom-built facility on the Harwell Campus specifically designed to enable batch production of a range of antennas. In addition to the largest cleanroom on campus (300m2), the OSS facility has a large industrial area for the assembly and test of lower TRL breadboards, as well as thermal chambers, 3D printers and room for up to 65 engineering staff.​

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