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By damian - August 17th, 2023 Posted in No comments

Orange Tree Partnership

Orange Tree Partnership is Hampshire-based bid and project management consultancy service providing focused advice and support to businesses across the UK and Europe through projects and workshops.

Its work within the space sector is predominantly in business case development and bid management, during any stage of the bidding process. The consultancy works with clients to establish a clear output and energise their proposals and business cases, offering clear messaging and engagement with clients. Orange Tree Partnership has  worked in the space industry since 2015 supporting over 200 companies working in or moving into the space industry. It has had contracts with ESA, deliver training on proposal writing and work with the UK Space Agency supporting companies on their journey to winning government funding.

The company works with clients to develop proposals and strategies to secure funding for new services or products with a clear direction and outcome. It offers a range of support services which enables it to better support you. Through guidance, coaching and hands on development, Orange Tree Partnership formulates a structured support plan to help take the next important steps and win the next contract.