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By damian - February 1st, 2023 Posted in No comments

Kayser Space

Kayser Space, fully owned by Kayser Italia, was incorporated in the UK in 2015. The company engages primarily in the design and manufacturing of systems and subsystems for space research, having already received contracts from UK-based organisations and also from international agencies and stakeholders.

Kayser Space is actively working with leading UK universities and research institutions to bring innovation from the research laboratory into the space domain, having to-date partnered on a range of projects with the Universities of Edinburgh, Nottingham, Brighton, Exeter, Liverpool, Bristol and the Open University; also with the Satellite Applications Catapult and STFC.

Kayser Space key personnel have extensive experience in the full development cycle of space projects and deep knowledge of the processes for integration and certification of payload hardware and software on board the ISS.

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