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Viasat UK

Viasat is a communications company providing high-speed satellite broadband services and secure networking systems to military and commercial markets.

In June 2017, Viasat launched their geostationary satellite, ViaSat-2, that operates in Ka-band frequencies. Its purpose is to offer high-capacity connectivity and wide coverage, with the flexibility to move capacity to meet demand. Designed to significantly improve speeds, reduce costs and expand the footprint of broadband services, it will extend across continental U.S. and into Canada, Central America, the Caribbean and Central America. It will also cover air and maritime routes across the Atlantic to Europe. Viasat are currently working on the production of a Viasat-3 constellation, a trio of satellites with the intention of delivering broadband to any home in the world.

Viasat’s UK team provides a focus for efforts in the UK and Europe in two major areas: ‘Space and Communications’ and ‘Information Assurance’.

The Space and Communications team is engaged in applications, systems and services for defence, government, enterprise and consumer satellite communications. In 2016 the European Space Agency (ESA) and Viasat launched an initiative called the High Capacity Satellite Applications Factory. This initiative is part of ESA’s ARTES Competitiveness and Growth Programme, and has a focus on accelerating Europe as a centre of excellence and innovation in the space industry through the rapid development of new HCS products, applications and services. See for more details.

The Information Assurance team designs, develops and delivers high assurance security solutions for platforms ranging from laptops, to UAVs and helicopters; and includes Data at Rest (DAR) based on the Eclypt product range serving government and commercial customers.

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