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- May 26th, 2017 Posted in Uncategorised

grapes-vineyard-climate-change_S26 May 2017 – Telespazio VEGA UK is highlighting a series of important contract wins concerning climate change at the UK Space Conference from 30 May to 1 June in Manchester. These key initiatives give Telespazio major involvement in the provision and use of satellite observations to help stakeholders monitor, mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The funding for these projects comes from 2 main Programmes:

  • Climate Change Initiative (CCI), funded by the European Space Agency
  • Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), operated by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) on behalf of, and funded by, the European Commission.

The projects span all aspects of the value chain, from market / user requirements analysis, software infrastructure, data provision services, sector-specific applications and user training – the following key projects where TVUK is prime contractor are highlighted:

  • ESA CCI Open Data Portal – enables access to a stable long-term set of satellite-based Essential Climate Variable (ECV’s) data products for climate modellers and researchers. There are currently 14 ECV projects addressing parameters such as Ocean Colour, Sea Surface Temperature, Aerosols and Soil Moisture, with more planned to be added in the forthcoming CCI+ programme.
  • C3S Agricultural System is investigating the impact of climate change on woody perennial crops such as vines, olives and beech forests in southwest France and the Tuscany and Molise regions of Italy. These types of crops take years to cultivate and therefore understanding expected changes in climate can significantly aid decisions on the optimal regions for their growth.
  • C3S Climate Data Store (CDS), which provides a single point of access to all C3S data involving satellite, ground and airborne observations, as well as re-analyses and seasonal / long-term forecasting from models. Data from the CDS will underpin the sector-specific applications developed as part of the C3S such as the agricultural system.
  • Service Provision of Sea Surface Temperature data records from satellite observations to be provided via the CDS. The service involves defining and satisfying a series of Key Performance Indicators to ensure a reliable and high quality data stream. Telespazio is also involved in the service provision of atmospheric ozone data records.

Marco Folino, CEO of Telespazio VEGA UK, said: “We are excited about our key involvement in these critical ESA and European programmes, which extends the Telespazio Group presence across the Copernicus Services to that of Climate. The agricultural initiative illustrates how climate services can have real downstream impact, and we look forward to enabling continued downstream benefit across further market sectors.”

Telespazio VEGA UK’s presence at the UK Space Conference involves two further major focus areas:

  • Spaceport capabilities: Telespazio offers world-leading expertise including operations, systems development / integration, microgravity brokering service, and end-to-end launch service capability.
  • Products & Services: Our downstream business is strongly growing with several new export offerings in the pipeline such as dam monitoring and forestry & flooding applications.