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- June 15th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorised

15 June 2016 – Sir Martin Sweeting, Executive Chairman, and Patrick Wood, Managing Director, of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) have responded to the UK Government’s Science and Technology Committee “Satellites and Space” Report, issued today.

Sir Martin Sweeting commented: “The UK space community – industry, business and academia – will welcome the call to continue the Government’s commitment to the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS) so that this sector of British high technology and skills may continue to contribute to our national prosperity.”

Patrick Wood commented: “I welcome the comprehensive enquiry undertaken by the Science and Technology Committee and I am particularly pleased to see the Committee’s recommendation for Innovate UK to be given increased resources to expand its In-Orbit Demonstration programme which will provide flight heritage through successful technology demonstration missions such as TechDemoSat-1, an SSTL satellite platform which has already provided a ride to orbit for 8 British technologies.

On behalf of SSTL, I also appreciate the Committee’s call for progress to be made on export finance initiatives comparable to our international competitors, and a clarification of the regulatory environment with regard to the licensing and insurance of small satellites and a refinement of the UK’s spaceport plan to ensure it meets the needs of the satellite industry.   I have confidence that advancements in these areas will assist the sector in sustained growth to increase the UK’s share of the global space market to 10% by 2030.

It is my view that Space is a proven economic enabler that provides strong and varied commercial opportunities and with sustained government support the UK will continue to change the economics of space for all our citizens.”