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- July 16th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorised

16 July 2018

Goonhilly CEO, Ian Jones“Goonhilly offers tracking and mission operations services for all launch operators – both horizontal and vertical – and will be providing mission operations and tracking services to Spaceport Cornwall.

“We will be an integral part of the Spaceport Cornwall, Cornwall Council and Virgin Orbit partnership. We are building our design, manufacturing and test capability at Goonhilly – creating the complete development lifecycle of a space mission, from conception to operation.

“The announcement of an £8.4m contract win with the European Space Agency (ESA) allowed Goonhilly to attract a further £24m private investment. We would encourage the UK government to look at a similar model for Launch UK.

“With contracts under their belts, the new Spaceports can start out with anchor customers and can demonstrate the market potential to investors. This model was used in the US when the government ordered $3Bn of launches from SpaceX and Orbital ATK,” said Ian Jones, CEO, Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd.