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- March 4th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorised

4 March 2014 – European Space Solutions will bring together business and the public-sector with users and developers of space-based solutions to explore how space can make a difference to the lives, and livelihoods, of people across Europe and around the globe. Space-based services and technologies are the future of efficient, effective and sustainable services that society needs.

European Space Solutions 2014 will feature:

  • A high level Plenary Session bringing together leaders from the private and public sector to discuss how space-powered solutions can be harnessed for business and society as a whole
  • 4 user-led, seminars exploring with users how the EU’s navigation and Earth observation programmes can deliver innovative solutions to real-life challenges in the following areas:
    • Space Solutions for Sustainable Transport
      (covering Aviation, Maritime Transport, Rail and Road)
    • Space Solutions for Sustainable Land Management
      (covering Agriculture, Ecosystems and Spatial Planning)
    • Space Solutions for Emergency Response and Disaster Management
      (covering Copernicus Emergency Management Service, critical infrastructure and distress alert systems)
    • Space Solutions for Consumer Applications
      (covering Location Based Services and Earth Observation-based applications)
  • special International focus, including perspectives on the use of space solutions from Europe’s partners around the world
  • Plus, a range of networking, business exchange, special topic, media and social events

For further details about European Space Solutions 2014, please visit