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- March 15th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorised

Bruno Carvalho15 March 2016 – We’re delighted to introduce our new Business Development Director for the space sector, Bruno Carvalho. Beginning his career as an engineer in electronics, working with data acquisition systems, Bruno moved to the space industry where he focused on software systems, eventually transitioning into a business development role. In this short interview, Bruno shares his aspirations for CRITICAL Software, his key targets and his idea of an out-of-this-world holiday destination!

What were you doing before you joined CRITICAL Software?

I was introduced to the space industry while working as an engineer for a major European prime integrator in France; I spent a year and a half in the beautiful Côte d’Azur working on Herschel and Planck satellites. Returning to Portugal in 2007, I joined CRITICAL Software as a Business Development Manager. Then, in 2011, I moved to the UK to work with another software company, still pursuing my avid interest in the space sector.

What are the key functions of your role?

I’ve returned to CRITICAL Software to embrace a new challenge, a global challenge. I’ll be working with our engineering and delivery teams to define a solid strategy for expanding our work in the space sector and to shape our future in this market. CRITICAL Software is an ambitious company full of talented people so I’m keen to build on the excellent track record and extensive capabilities already in place.

What are you most interested in achieving at CRITICAL Software?

As Business Development Director for Space, based in our Southampton, UK office, I’ll be responsible for our space work on a global scale. I’m looking forward to using this position to spearhead a strong and sustainable growth campaign that will help us to provide our customers and partners with increased flexibility and value.

Describe CRITICAL Software in three words:

‘Reliable’, ‘creative’ and ‘honest’.

What three items would you take with you to a desert island?

I’d only need two! I’d take a personal tracker with an SOS button so someone could rescue me quickly (like a ‘SPOT’ or ‘McMurdo FastFind’ – great examples of space-related technology being used on Earth!). And I’d also take a good book to read while I waited for the rescue party to arrive.

Where do you most want to travel to and why?

The Moon! I cannot imagine a better view and I probably won’t end up making it to Mars!