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UKspace’s management team consists of:

Andy Green


Andy Green holds a number of Chairman, NED and advisory roles, linked by his passion for how technology transforms business and our daily lives.

He chairs IG Group plc, a global leader in online trading, and the Digital Catapult, an initiative to help grow the UK Digital Economy.

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Graham Peters


Graham Peters is Chair of the UKspace trade association, VP space for ADS and Chair of the Space Growth Partnership. Having spent over 30 years in the space industry, he has gained experience in research and development, growing businesses and exporting around the world in the domains of satellite manufacturing, spacecraft operations, satellite navigation, satellite communications, electronic parts procurement, training & simulation and applications.

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Nick Shave

Vice Chair

Nick Shave is Vice Chair of the UKspace trade association, and member of the leadership team within Inmarsat’s Global Government business unit, supporting over 80 government customers around the world with market-leading satellite services.

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Richard Peckham


Richard is an independent adviser to the space sector, following a 42-year career in the electronics and space industries, most recently at Airbus where he was Strategy and Business Development Director for the space activities of Airbus in the UK.

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Lizzie Greenwood


Lizzie Greenwood is the Director of UKspace directing and developing the Trade Association as it goes through a time of transformation in making it more agile and flexible in today’s space environment.

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Jane Ford

Communications Manager

Jane Ford is the UKspace Communications Manager providing the vital internal and external communications capability ensuring all members are kept up to date with news items across the space sector.

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