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UKspace’s management team consists of:

Will Whitehorn


Will Whitehorn joined UKspace as President, in September 2019. He is Chairman, Deputy Chairman or a non-executive director of several public bodies and companies including The Royal Air Force, Craneware PLC, Good Energy PLC, the Glasgow SEC /SSE Hydro, The Scottish Gallery and Clyde Space Limited, the UK’s leading space satellite manufacturer, which was recently acquired in a ground-breaking £30 million deal by ÅAC Microtec. He remains on the board of the renamed ÅAC Clyde Space. He founded and was formerly the first President of Virgin Galactic.

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Nick Shave


Nick Shave is Chair of the UKspace trade association, and member of the leadership team within Inmarsat’s Global Government business unit, supporting over 80 government customers around the world with market-leading satellite services.

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John Hanley


John Hanley is Vice Chair of UKspace, and a Senior Vice President and lead for the Secure and Assured Space Solutions business area at CGI UK. John is part of the senior leadership team in CGI’s Space, Defence and Intelligence business unit which has been developing, delivering, operating and supporting the UK Space, Defence and Intelligence communities for over 40 years.

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Graham Peters


Graham is Treasurer of the UKspace trade association and Managing Director, Government Services at Arqit. He was previously Managing Director of Government sales at Avanti Communications for a decade and prior to that held senior positions at IGG and Vega Group. He trained in space systems design at British Aerospace.

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Lizzie Kerr


Lizzie Kerr is the Director of UKspace, directing and developing the Trade Association as it goes through a time of transformation in making it more agile and flexible in today’s space environment.

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Penelope Utting

Membership & Communications

Penelope manages the Membership and Communications activities at UKspace, joining UKspace in September 2019 after working in careers and education guidance for 15 years, during which she took a particular interest in the challenge of engaging girls with STEM subjects.

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