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- May 20th, 2021 Posted in News

Walker Precision Engineering is used to setting its sights high, given that many of its products make their way into satellites orbiting Earth. However, the Glasgow-headquartered company is delighted to have achieved Nadcap Gold status after its recent audit, joining a select few organisations to be awarded this highest accreditation level.

Nadcap is a global programme designed to set standards for aerospace engineering, defence, and other related industries. Nadcap audits are a rigorous technical assessment of compliance to customer requirements and industry standards, conducted by industry experts.

Walker has held Nadcap accreditation for a decade and achieved enhanced Merit status for the past few of years. “Companies such as Walker go even further by achieving Gold Merit status and they should be proud of it,” commented David Schutt, President and Chief Executive Officer at the Performance Review Institute who administer the Nadcap programme.

The company has become the partner of choice when it comes to high-precision machining, specialist surface treatment and assembly capabilities, recently becoming an approved supplier to a new US-based aerospace customer.

“The investment that Walker has made in equipment, technology and training has helped result in this Nadcap Gold status, as it cannot be achieved without the highest level of knowledge and experience,” stated Allan Gowans, Group Operations Director. “We are growing across the defence, aerospace and space sectors, and this Gold accreditation helps differentiate us from other suppliers globally, demonstrating that Walker is the right partner for our current and future customers.”