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- March 14th, 2024 Posted in News

Surrey Nanosystems Ltd (SNS) is excited to announce its collaboration with Valence Surface Technologies, LLC through a Channel Partnership Agreement. This alliance aims to provide improved access to local technical support for North American clients wanting to utilise Vantablack coating technologies.

Vantablack coating technologies collaborationUK based Surrey Nanosystems is the pioneering developer and supplier of Vantablack recognised as the world’s most effective ultra-black coating. Known for its unparalleled performance from UV to THz across all angles of incidence, Vantablack allows users to virtually eliminate stray light from optical systems. This leads to improved system performance ranging from image clarity to noise reduction, and the elimination of unwanted artifacts that could jeopardise mission success. Vantablack customers are concentrated primarily in the space and automotive sectors, where there is a common emphasis on safely and/or mission criticality.

With space heritage dating from 2015, Vantablack is used by major clients in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia in optical baffles ranging from ø1/2” to over 18” and in a variety of blackbody calibration systems.

SNS CEO David Wong said “We’re really pleased to be working with such a strong, well-regarded organisation as VST in N America. The partnership simplifies access to Vantablack technology for US Customers, leveraging VST’s leading capabilities in product selection, process engineering, design, development and support”.

Valence Surface Technologies (VST) is appointed as the sole North American channel partner offering premium Vantablack-S coating services from SNS. These coatings are renowned for their exceptional properties, including less than 0.2% total hemispherical reflectance in the visible spectrum. VST is committed to offering local pre-sales support, assisting customers in Vantablack product selection, and exploring coating feasibility for specific client designs.

VST is the world’s largest independent provider of Aerospace product finishing services. With 12 locations and over 3,500 unique industry approvals, Valence processes more than 1 million parts per month. In addition to being Nadcap accredited, all Valence sites provide specialised metal processing and finishing services to a diversified set of fast-growing commercial aerospace, defence and space/satellite markets. Valence partners with its customers to deliver best-in-class quality, turn times, and full-service supply chain solutions.