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- August 29th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorised

Planet Earth29 August 2018 – UKspace fully endorses the Government’s plans to undertake a major feasibility study into the development of a British Global Navigation Satellite System.

The 18-month programme of work, using up to £92 million of Brexit readiness funding, could result in the UK developing a national alternative to the EU’s Galileo satellite system and ensure UK security post Brexit.

UKspace Chair, Graham Peters, said: “We know that the ideal scenario is for the UK to remain an active participant in the Galileo programme, post Brexit, having already contributed so much to it. However, if this is not agreed, British industry is ready to step up to the plate to support this initiative.

“This investment is further evidence that the Government recognises the importance of space services to the prosperity and security of the UK. Our members and other stakeholders across the UK space sector will be ready to assist with the feasibility and development activities which will establish a firm basis for the programme.”

UK industry has been instrumental in developing Galileo technology and encryption, and, if required, this expertise and experience will be used in developing the alternative solution, with several multi-million pound contracts available for British space companies.