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- December 6th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorised

6 December 2018 – More than 200 guests from across the UK space industry came together on Tuesday evening for the annual UKspace Christmas Cocktail Reception, held in the palatial surrounds of Lancaster House.

Addressing the audience, UK Space Agency Chief Executive, Graham Turnock, looked back on the year, recalled “great moments in the Space Zone at Farnborough”, and said that 2019 has been “an excellent year for innovation in the UK space sector, including the launch of BepiColombo, which is an amazing project with real UK strength. I really do think we can look forward to a bright future, despite the challenges around, and an equally productive year in 2019.”

In his speech, UKspace President, Andy Green, echoed Graham Turnock’s sentiments, adding: “There are many great things going on in UK space industry and it’s really important for us to get behind the sector and drive forward.”

The evening also included a presentation by UKspace Chairman Graham Peters to Paul Flanagan who recently retired from his post leading UKspace after a decade at the helm.

Graham said: “Given the work Paul has done for our industry during the past ten years, it was fitting to be able to recognise his contribution in front of so many of the UK space industry’s key players. It was an excellent evening to round off what has been a busy and very productive 2018.”

UKspace Christmas Cocktail Reception 2018