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- March 6th, 2023 Posted in News

As part of its strategy to broaden the models of membership and widen knowledge of the space sector within companies that can benefit from engaging with the industry, UKspace has created a new membership band specifically for space clusters in the UK.

Cornwall Space Cluster is the first such cluster to join this membership band.

UKspace Director, Lizzie Kerr, says: “We are always looking for opportunities to enhance our membership in ways that help all our members, and this new move will enable us bring different parts of the sector together to the benefit of all.

“By having space clusters on board, they will be offering new and differing perspectives to our membership. We also hope that individual companies who are introduced through the clusters, will look to join UKspace in their own right as they recognise the value of joining independently and having the opportunity to be active on our range of committees.”

Cornwall Space Cluster Marketing & Events Manager, Shelley Jones, adds: “We’re delighted to sign up to UKspace’s cluster membership, and be the first UK cluster to do so. As UKspace is the official trade association of the space industry, this membership allows us to collaborate with other space businesses, organisations, clusters and individual experts, ensuring that together we can grow a global space industry.”

In addition to Cornwall, two other space clusters are in the process of joining UKspace, with one other at the discussion stage.