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Spacescape painting by Zoë Squires

Zoe Squires Baby Stars in Rosetta Cloud 750

‘Baby Stars in Rosetta Cloud’ is an acrylic on canvas, sized 40.5 x 51cm.

It takes its inspiration from an image taken by the ESA / NASA Herschel Space Observatory. The bright smudges are dusty cocoons hiding massive protostars. These will eventually become stars containing around ten times the mass of the Sun. The small spots near the centre and in the redder regions of the image are lower mass protostars, similar in mass to the Sun.

You can see more of Zoë’s work on her website, and you can follow her on social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Photo from Max Alexander

Max Alexander Greenwich Montage 750

‘New Clouds Above Us’ is a montage photo taken in Greenwich Park

Max explains: “In this view of Greenwich, you’ve got examples of what’s in space. I photographed about 300 artefacts including satellites, rocket bodies, satellite parts, solar panels, screws and a glove to show what’s up there. The photography was done over a one-year period, across North America, Europe and the UK. I chose Greenwich because of its history of astronomy and because from there you can see London’s financial district to highlight the modern world’s connection to the satellites that circle Earth.”

You can see more of Max’s work on his website, and you can follow him on his social media channels: Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter