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- May 1st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorised

Luton, United Kingdom, May 1, 2012 – Telespazio VEGA as the Prime Contractor of a consortium of European space companies, today announces that it has won a multi directorate competitive bid and signed a frame contract with the European Space Agency.

The framework contract, with duration of three years and a potential extension of a further two, covers the provision of scientific and engineering expertise and related services to the Directorates of Technology, Scientific and Robotic Exploration, Human Space Flight and Earth Observation. The consortium, which includes VEGA Space GmbH, Telespazio Germany, Telespazio France and other companies, will carry out work at ESTEC Netherlands, ESAC (European Space Astronomy Centre) Spain and EAC (European Astronaut Centre) in Germany.

This contract represents a major advance in the way ESA has procured these services, moving from separate frame contracts for each Directorate to larger “Superframe” contracts covering multiple Directorates. The award of this Superframe contract to Telespazio VEGA, cements the long running successful commercial engagement they have held with ESTEC for over fifteen years, validating the professionalism and confirming Telespazio VEGA as a major prime contractor for scientific and engineering services in the international Space sector. The contract supports Telespazio VEGA’s continued growth within the industry.

Peter Young, CEO Telespazio VEGA said: “This contract is testimony to the strength of our services, the quality of our delivery and our long term commitment to ESA and its establishments..”

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