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By damian - April 26th, 2023 Posted in No comments

Ruwàh Consulting

Ruwàh Consulting offers space and ground systems engineering and project management services for NewSpace companies. Drawing from their impressive track record in the industry, Ruwàh’s consultants come along fast-growing teams as part-time support to guide complex space projects and share knowledge & know-how.

The company has a unique hands-on expertise on ground segment design and satellite operations (including UK licensing for space operations and ITU filings), combined with cutting-edge satellite design experience (from nanosat to minisat missions). Its strong space systems engineering background allows it to quickly identify risks, set out development roadmap, define engineering work packages (space / ground segments), and support existing teams for their weekly activities.

Examples of services are: project engineering & supplier management, licensing management, technical engineering oversight, specific space / ground systems design tasks, supplier / product trade-off, team growth supports (incl. interviews).