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By damian - July 25th, 2023 Posted in No comments

IT Done Right

IT Done Right is an Aerospace Manufacturing & IT Consulting firm, founded by EGSE, MGSE, Test, and Quality engineers with a vision to dramatically improve Satellite AIT and Aircraft Final Assembly. Build Intelligence Technology™ (or BuildIT® for short) is a patented technology, custom designed to build satellites and space hardware better, faster, and more economically. It provides actionable intelligence for non-automated production, to better manage the AIT process, reduce unplanned work, avoid production stalls, improve quality and help find a way forwards in any situation.

VP Manufacturing Research, Gartner, said the following about BuildIT®: “In spite of the bells and whistles, MES & ERP tools cannot handle what BuildIT® handles. BuildIT® provides a much more robust technology for managing complex manufacturing. The advanced decision support of BuildIT® is where the real value comes.”