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By damian - February 8th, 2023 Posted in No comments

Data Duopoly

Data Duopoly is a Cornwall-based start-up from the Launchpad incubator, who solve the issue of congestion and frustrations experienced by visitors by offering personalised incentives to discover and navigate venues. Their aim is to revolutionise the visitor experience in any venue worldwide. Data Duopoly create a win-win situations for both visitors and venues, by offering personalised discounts to visitors, as an incentive to visit less busy areas around an attraction. Data Duopoly has already gained traction, by piloting their unique technology with the Eden Project, where it was demonstrated that the platform can shift visitor flow away from less busy areas via targeted incentives. From this, unique location data insights are gathered, to improve attractions’ future planning, and increase concessionary spending on-site. In addition, visitors benefit from an engaging and tailored experience at venues, and less queuing due to the improved visitor distribution. With two highly motivated Co-Founders, Tanuvi Ethunandan, a Chartered Accountant, and Erin Morris, an award-winning Film Director, Data Duopoly have the skills to bring this to life.