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- November 13th, 2017 Posted in Uncategorised

13 November 2017 – Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) announced today that General Atomics (GA) has acquired the assets of SSTL’s subsidiary in the US (SST-US) as well as taking over its on-going projects. Under the agreement, SST-US staff have been integrated into General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group (GA-EMS).  GA-EMS will have access to SSTL’s world class designs, allowing the two companies to explore more effectively possible future opportunities in the US governmental and commercial markets.

The decision to close SSTL’s US operation came after a detailed review of SSTL’s strategy and organisation led by SSTL’s Managing Director, Sarah Parker, which concluded that SST-US could not achieve the necessary critical mass to be autonomous without a strong US partner. From its base in the UK, SSTL’s new focus in the US will be on pursuing contracts and collaborations with US partners, and actively seeking commercial customers for small satellite mission solutions.

SSTL is pleased that the agreement with GA secures the employment of SST-US employees and believes that it offers the best opportunity to build on the latent potential for SSTL’s small satellite solutions in the US.

SSTL would like to thank its dedicated staff in the US who worked tirelessly over the past nine years to build SST-US and wish them a very successful future with GA-EMS.