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- February 25th, 2021 Posted in News

Space Sector Skills Survey 2020Today’s publication of the Space Sector Skills Survey 2020​ highlights the need for continued investment to produce enough people with the required skills to keep pace with the UK space industry’s growing demand, and ensuring those looking to embark on a career in space have the necessary support and infrastructure available to grow professionally and develop long and rewarding careers.

UKspace President and Space Sector Council Co-Chair, Will Whitehorn, said: “The one thing we can be sure of in the post-Covid economic environment, is that there will many opportunities in the growing global space industry.

“The UK has the chance to play a vital role in this booming global space economy and the space industrial revolution, and we must urgently develop the depth of skills needed to face the future with confidence. I therefore commend this report and urge the entire UK space sector to act now to embrace the educational and industrial commitment to developing the skills of what could be one of the UK’s powerhouse industrial and academic sectors in the years ahead.”

The research report was commissioned by the UK Space Agency and produced by BMG Research. Interviews were undertaken in autumn 2020, with all interviews undertaken with senior staff of ‘core’ space industry businesses.

Download the Space Sector Skills Survey 2020