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- June 6th, 2023 Posted in News
  • In 2022, £7 billion was added to the UK economy with further opportunity for the UK to be at the forefront of unlocking new capabilities and skills.
  • The sector directly employs 48,800 people, including 2,300 apprentices.
  • The output per worker in the sector is 121% higher than the UK average, showcasing the high-value jobs available in the industry.
  • The UK space sector demonstrates wide benefits through a range of public, commercial and consumer uses.

In 2022, the UK’s space sector added £7 billion in value to the UK economy, while turnover from space organisations reached £17.5 billion. Published today, a new Space Sector Outlook from ADS Group in partnership with UKspace highlights the £5.9 billion of products and services exported by the sector.

The publication, supported by data from UK Space Agency and, showcases how the development of the sector is allowing the UK to unlock new capabilities and skills with a wide range of uses.

“With applications ranging from protecting the environment, delivering on national security priorities and a potential launch on the horizon, the vital contribution from the space sector to the UK economy highlights considerable new business opportunities in 2023,” said Aimie Stone, Chief Economist at ADS Group. “Our Space Outlook, published in partnership with UKspace highlights how ongoing innovation is delivering strategic advantage to the UK.”

ADS Space sector outlook 2023 infographic

The publication further highlights that every region of the UK is home to the headquarters of a space organisation, while productivity in the sector is 121% higher than the whole economy average, at £143,000 output per worker.

Kevin Craven, Chief Executive of ADS, commented: “For the UK to continue to be a world leader in the space arena, innovation and expertise must be fully utilised and leveraged to secure UK advantage. ADS continues to work closely with our colleagues at UKspace, political stakeholders and industry partners to ensure that space remains a key industrial focus for UK innovation and manufacturing.”

UKspace Chair, John Hanley, said: “The Space Outlook highlights the employment of 48,800 people in the space sector including 2,300 apprentices. Alongside ADS and as innovation in the sector grows, we’re delighted to see the continued commitment of space organisations to developing the workforces of tomorrow.”


Download UK Space Outlook 2023 – A guide to the UK space sector

ADS Group is the UK trade organisation representing the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors, with more than 1,200 member businesses.

UKspace is the official trade association of the UK space industry, representing and promoting space to government and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally.