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- March 31st, 2020 Posted in COVID-19 News, News

UKspace is working jointly with the UK Space Agency and the Department for International Trade to find out how your business is responding to the current crisis and to provide up-to-date information to government.

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We are asking for your help because it will influence how the UK government can continue to support space businesses and help you recover once the pandemic is over.

The government needs to learn directly from space companies and businesses in related fields about the daily levels of absenteeism due to Covid-19, how your business is running in the pandemic, and key issues which you are facing.

In order to do this, we are conducting a weekly survey which will feed directly into government:

  • If you are a UKspace member, you will be emailed this survey every Tuesday
  • If you are not a UKspace member, but are involved in the space sector and would like to contribute to this information gathering, please contact

Resilience engagement survey by UK Space Agency

As the Lead Government Department (LGD) for the UK Space Sector, the UK Space Agency is responsible for engaging with the industry stakeholders and with government in order to understand the effect of this unprecedented period of disruption on the sectors’ activities, services and outputs. Our role in the Space Security team is assisting yourselves in identifying, managing and mitigating the disruption from rising absenteeism due to the pandemic, the required social distancing measures and the increased care responsibilities which may involve a loss of key staff and disruption to services. Furthermore, as the LGD for the sector, we can engage across government to ensure access to support measures for organisations in key sectors such as Space.

In line with other sectors, we require regular reporting for onward notification to BEIS and the Cabinet Office of absenteeism numbers and proportion of the workforce unavailable for work (through self-isolation as well as confirmed cases). This assists the cross-government coordinated response to support the vital sectors and address issues as they arise, and supports industry too. As such, we would really value your engagement in providing a single point of contact email for your company on Covid-19 Impact reporting matters who would be responsible for collating and returning data to us before 1130 every day (including weekends).

This data, including a RAG assessment, will then be collated in order to provide an anonymised output for the sector, which can identify any current or arising concerns in the provision of key services to the public and other public services.

Please provide contact details to and we will get directly in touch with more information.

If you have any questions about this reporting engagement and/or your resilience to this disruption, please contact us and we can seek to support you. If you have any questions about company-specific business support, our colleagues at can assist.

We understand this is a difficult period with many demands on your time and staffing. Thank you for your support in ensuring a beneficial supportive relationship between the sector and Government.

We appreciate your help in completing these surveys. Your feedback will help government to develop a daily and weekly picture of the impact of the virus on businesses, and offer early sight of emerging issues and help shape further interventions.

Thank you in advance for your response.