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The new Space Partnership, which was announced on 22 November 2022, brings together industry, academia and government stakeholders to work together on priority issues to realise the ambitions set out in the National Space Strategy (NSS), and to grow the UK space sector.

The Space Partnership will draw on expert knowledge and insight from across the whole space ecosystem and work collaboratively to support the activities which require a UK sector approach including the evolution and delivery of UK space policy.

This exciting development follows the trial of the concept in the National Space Partnership (NSP) pilot and builds on the work undertaken by the Space Growth Partnership since 2016. The NSP pilot concluded that a model which is broad, continuous and embraces knowledge and expertise from across whole UK space sector is vital to the success of future space policy and for delivering the associated economic growth.


The Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS)

The Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS) brings together a partnership of industry, UK Space Agency, Satellite Applications Catapult, Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and academia. This team is working together to identify opportunities and remove barriers to growth for the UK space sector.

The IGS team first came together in 2009 and set an ambitious target to increase the UK share of the global space economy form 6% to 10% by 2030. This long-term vision requires close Government and industry cooperation by all IGS stakeholders to ensure that we continue to create the conditions for growth in order to achieve this ambitious target.


Download copies of publications relating directly to the Space IGS:

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Space Growth Action Plan

Space IGS Report

Prosperity from Space -Space Sector Deal Proposal (March 2018)

The Case for Space - Final Report (July 2009)