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The Space Growth Partnership (SGP) brings together companies, institutions, academics and entrepreneurs from the space community to work with the Government to secure the future growth of the UK space sector. Together, it is working to increase the UK’s share of the global space market to 10% by 2030, a market that is estimated to be worth around £400 billion.

The SGP, UK Space Agency, industry and the government are currently working in tandem towards the creation of a Space Sector Deal to help progress the UK’s already thriving space sector.

The sector deal is responding to the need to build on and accelerate current sector growth to meet the ambitious 2030 targets.

As part of the Government’s modern industrial strategy, they announced at the 2018 Farnborough Airshow that Sutherland in Scotland will be home to the first vertical launch site in mainland Europe by 2020.

The Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS)

The Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS) brings together a partnership of industry, UK Space Agency, Satellite Applications Catapult, Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and academia. This team is working together to identify opportunities and remove barriers to growth for the UK space sector.

The IGS team first came together in 2009 and set an ambitious target to increase the UK share of the global space economy form 6% to 10% by 2030. This long-term vision requires close Government and industry cooperation by all IGS stakeholders to ensure that we continue to create the conditions for growth in order to achieve this ambitious target.


Download copies of publications relating directly to the Space IGS:

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Size & Health of the UK Space Industry 2018 - Summary Report (January 2019)

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London Economics – Case for Space 2015 – Full Report (July 2015)

LE – Case for Space 2015 – Executive Summary (July 2015)

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Space Growth Action Plan

Space IGS Report

Prosperity from Space -Space Sector Deal Proposal (March 2018)

The Case for Space - Final Report (July 2009)