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Here is a list of the current SME Forum members:

By combining technologies from immersive 3D, financial services, television and earth observation, 3DEO has developed a new approach to the collection, distribution, interaction with and presentation of diverse data, from space to smart phones. 3DEO think and inform visually revealing much more than can be seen from traditional perspectives. 3DEO solutions have widespread application, from defence to disaster risk management, estate management and financial markets insight.

4Links, the spacecraft communications specialists, designs, manufactures and supplies an extensive range of SpaceWire test equipment and IP products. The company was founded in 2000 by personnel who contributed to the European Space Agency SpaceWire standard, a spacecraft onboard network technology now used internationally on more than 100 satellites. Today the 4Links product range is renowned as being the most comprehensive and reliable on the market. 4Links is based on the Science and Innovation Centre on Bletchley Park, the World War II code-breaking centre, in Buckinghamshire, UK.

AB5 Consulting
AB5 Consulting provides support to organisations in the development and implementation of cost-effective and sustainable strategies, blue-sky thinking and innovative business solutions, regulatory and policy advice and representation at national and international level, such as ITU, UN OOSA, ICAO, IMO, IMSO, EC, ESA, national regulators, license and filing applications, satellite system evaluation and review, the development of system requirements, business development, the preparation of bids and tenders, project management, satellite applications especially for the transport and energy sectors, communication, marketing and stakeholder management.

AeroSpace Cornwall
The AeroSpace Cornwall programme promotes research, development and innovation (RD&I) across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. It offers technical and commercial support for businesses looking to develop products, services and technologies which could add competitive advantage to the aerospace and space sectors. The programme will support RD&I projects with a team of technology mentors, match funding, a supply chain competitiveness toolkit and Innovation vouchers. The programme is led by Cornwall Development Company, delivered in partnership with the West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF). It aims to increase the size and capability of the space and aerospace sectors in Cornwall and secure ongoing investment in them. AeroSpace Cornwall aims to secure investment from global collaborators and investors as potential end users of the products, services and technology developed as part of the programme. In addition, it will increase the performance and competitiveness of local enterprises, create highly skilled jobs and launch new products into the marketplace.

Aetheric Engineering
Independent consultancy in Satellite Communications, providing support throughout the project cycle from feasibility and design studies, through procurement and project management, to supervision of installation, testing and commissioning. Its space segment support includes monitoring of assembly, integration and test, launch, and in-orbiting testing.

Alphid is a thermal engineering company specialising in delivering cost-effective solutions for thermal and analytical problems in the space industry. We have achieved expertise in fields of space and thermal engineering. This expertise is based upon different projects such as PROBAm MTG, EVCLID, ECOMars, Luna-Resource Lamden and Met0P-SG across Europe.

APC Technology Group
APC Technology Group has a 35-year-heritage in the design, specification and distribution of specialist electronic components, products and systems for aerospace, space, military and defence applications. Its engineer-led technical sales teams have extensive pedigrees in designing-in components and products into space programmes including ExoMars, BepiColombo, EarthCARE and the Galileo ground segment. As an AS9120B certified distributor, its space-compatible technologies include, but are not limited to: amplifiers, cable assemblies, capacitors, connectors, diodes, filters, frequency sources, GaAs FETs, GNSS antennas and accessories, high performance NTP time servers, memory products, minaturised cameras, optocouplers, power supplies, PTP network switches and cards, switches. APC can also supply high density ‘system-in-package’ solutions that minaturise radiation tolerant systems.

Arralis Technologies Ltd
From MMIC & Modules to Systems and Capability, Arralis provide the ‘Invisible Edge’ to some of the world’s largest aerospace and security companies.

ArQit Ltd
ArQit is registered in the UK to deploy and commercialise state-of-the-art quantum communications technologies. Its primary objective is to establish a global satellite network for Quantum Key Distribution to serve telecoms companies and their clients. Its initial plans has already attracted the attention of Tier 1 & Tier 2 Telcos and Banks. In order to realise its objectives, ArQit is leading a European consortium of satellite manufacturers and end users in the QKDSat project which is supported by ESA. Under this programme, the company’s first satellite will be developed and launched. Arqit is also leading a programme funded by Innovate UK to develop a family of low cost Optical Ground Terminals which can be installed at customers’ premises in order to receive the QKD service.

Azzurra Telecom
Consultancy and international representation for Regulatory and Government Affairs, Licensing, Policy, Market Access. 25 years’ expertise in Telecom, Regulatory and Spectrum Affairs.

Barum & Dewar
Barum & Dewar have been involved in the design and manufacture of specialist transit containers for the space sector for more than 20 years earning a reputation as the UK’s “go to” company for this type of requirement. There is no room for error when transporting space hardware and B&D is able to draw upon years of experience to create cost-effective, reliable and innovative container solutions. Its capabilities include technical design services using the latest 3D CAD, manufacture of highly engineered and bespoke shipping containers, handling equipment and tarpaulin covers, as well as off the shelf transit cases and containers.

BDE Space
Based near Oxford in the UK BDE Space is an engineering consultancy specialising in satellite communications. It designs satellite earth stations and VSAT networks for International Carriers, ISP’s, Broadcasters and system integrators. Since BDE does not sell any physical hardware, its designs are not biased towards any manufacturer and they are able to provide clients with technically justified and economical solutions reinforced by its 30+ years in the satellite industry. BDE has first-hand experience in handling RF power levels to 10KW and operating at frequencies up to Q Band, so provides clients with the confidence that each system it designs will work reliably and efficiently and comply with the mandatory technical standards.

Bradspace provides consultancy services to the space sector, specialising in small satellites and small launch vehicles and services. Main clients include small and New Space companies wishing to understand more about the realities of building satellites and making them work in space, as well as new launch organisations looking into developing launch vehicles targeted specifically at small satellites. Founder and Director Andy Bradford is a former Engineering Director at SSTL.

Bryce Space and Technology
Bryce Space and Technology is an analytic consulting firm for space and satellite, cyber and R&D clients. It helps its clients turn technology into mission and business success. Unlike management consulting generalists, Bryce’s domain focus enables it to offer clients cutting-edge expertise and data. Its proprietary, research-based models predict critical outcomes in space and technology – satellite market share, launch pricing, technology forecasting accuracy, and the cost of moving up the TRL scale. The company applies interdisciplinary analytic skills combined with deep domain knowledge of complex technology industries to meet the needs of government and commercial clients. Bryce cultivates a culture of engagement and partnership with its clients, whose success it takes personally.

Callisto Ltd
Callisto Ltd has been providing engineering support; consultancy and telecommunications systems design expertise since its formation in 1993. Its principle clients are ESA, EUMETSAT and Inmarsat.  Its areas of expertise are satellite ground stations, RF and space communications in general.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is a world leading organisation in the field of high performance electro-optic connectivity solutions. CarlisleIT products are used mainly in applications that demand the highest levels of performance and reliability, especially when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, where normal and reliable operation of systems needs to be maintained. CarlisleIT has been a major supplier to the space industry for 15+ years and has established a superb reputation for delivering cost-effective solutions, on-time, supporting our customers to meet their schedule objectives. CarlisleIT is best known for the range of very light weight, low loss RF Cable assemblies, but we are also supplying Filtered Connectors, complex DC Wire harness assemblies, HI-Speed connecvtivity including Fibre optic based solutions.

Catena Space
Catena Space is a different sort of space company; it is a virtual, knowledge-based small enterprise with broad based skills, a huge range of contacts across UK and European space industry, and a portfolio of experience in three main areas. First, its strategic project support helps you run difficult space projects, understand your markets better, and craft winning proposals for funding. Second, its technology is focused on low cost smart contemporary approaches to operating space missions and capturing information about space projects across Europe to better inform professionals and the public. ( is its H2020-funded consortium and your doorway to European space research and innovation,) Finally, Catena provides high quality, exciting and memorable training courses.

CHERRYspace is a network of experienced space industry professionals who help companies grow by exploiting new space technologies or space-enabled services.  It provided consultancy, but prefers to take a more intimate and involved approach in the interim management and direction of companies, possibly even taking an equity stake. It can bring our expertise and experience to: business planning, including raising finance, business pitches; the delivery and execution of business plans; through to exit strategies. The company brings space industry experience to the entrepreneurs of the ‘new space age’.

CST is 30 years old this year! It has expertise in Commerce, Consultancy and Launch Services. Commerce: For marketing, trading and management of projects in Russia and the FSU. CST has an adequate fund of expertise which can be drawn from its consultancy and launch services. CST has contacts at the right level, key cultural interpretation skills and also provides logistical support. Consultancy: Analysis and assessment of space projects and technologies world-wide and resource prospecting in oil, gas and mineral resources (including water) exploration. The methods have already been tried in Africa with positive results. Launch Services: Launch brokerage and management services since 1993. 33 micro and mini satellites have been launched as of September 2014. All current types of FSU launchers are brokered. CST can access economical launch services to GEO or GTO , dedicated launchers at special prices (such as on tests), sub components; engines, power systems, satellite busses etc.

Cupio Ltd
Cupio supplies innovative inspection, measurement and test solutions to electronics manufacturers throughout Europe, Russia and Africa; we also supply our own VuData Statistical Process Analyser software package worldwide. Its specialist equipment suppliers are acknowledged leaders in their field. Cupio’s onsite integration, training and support services ensure that their systems rapidly become productive within its customers’ manufacturing facilities.

Effective Space
Effective Space is pioneering last-mile logistics in space. It deploys and operates a fleet of small SPACE DRONE™ spacecraft that will deliver, position, maintain, monitor and guarantee space assets in orbit and beyond. Its ‘Phase One’ rollout is based on an existing solid business case: life-extension services to operators of satellites in geosynchronous-earth-orbit (GEO). Services include station-keeping and attitude-control, relocation, orbit and inclination correction, deorbiting and ‘bringing into use’ (BIU). The platform is well capable of supporting evolving low-earth (LEO) constellations, as well as active-debris removal (ADR) missions. Long-term services will also support asteroid-mining, deep space exploration and space manufacturing logistics.

ESR Technology
For over four decades, ESR has run the European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL) – Europe’s centre of excellence in the science and engineering of friction, lubrication and wear (tribology) for spacecraft applications. ESR supports designers and manufacturers of mechanical systems that operate in space or vacuum environments through one or more of the following activities: Consultancy, design support and training; friction and wear studies; mission-orientated tribology related research and development programmes; solid and liquid lubrication of precision components; independent thermal-vacuum testing for development, life and qualification For space and other high-end engineering industries, our ESR Space business also offers consultancy, integration and testing services to support mechanism development and assembly, including: Mechanical design, analysis and development services; support to integration and verification activities; independent mechanism design appraisal in support of major review preparations; access to facilities and AIT resource.

Flann Microwave Ltd
Flann Microwave is a family-owned business, 60 years old. A market leader of design and manufacture or antennas, precision microwave components and test and measurement products. Recently entered the space forum with successful spaceflight products for JPL/NASA.

Geomatic Ventures Ltd
GVL is a University of Nottingham spin-off company, providing satellite-radar derived ground motion surveys for environmental safety and security. GVL possess a unique system that can identify and monitor very precise surface ground movements as an early warning system for a range of industries including planning, regulation, infrastructure management, natural environment, rail & road, mineral extraction, and energy extraction and storage. We have an exclusive license to exploit the patent pending ISBAS (Intermittent Small Baseline Subset method) system. ISBAS is an InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) technique developed by the University of Nottingham that gives good results over all classes of land cover. ISBAS algorithms can currently provide very precise average land-motion results over long time periods. We can use all types of InSAR data and provide cost-effective wide area screening products using Sentinel-1 satellite data. We provide a range of products that currently include average velocity land motion maps and time-series land-motion maps which reveal the deformation profile for each pixel over time.

Geospatial Insight
Geospatial Insight is a leading provider of independent research to the Finance and Insurance sectors derived from the analysis of satellite imagery and the integration of this intelligence with a range of other data sources. Established in 2012 by several highly experienced experts in the Geospatial market, Geospatial Insight has expanded the team to include finance sector specialists. Its resources include satellite data reseller agreements, in-house research analysts and relationships with many geospatial information partners to provide risk analysis intelligence products and services to clients around the world.

Helios supports its customers in the development of new space-based programmes and their downstream commercialisation. Our ‘upstream’ programme capabilities include feasibility studies, funding and procurement strategy, certification and policy advice. For ‘downstream’ commercialisation we provide market forecasting, business cases, user trials and application feasibility studies. The team has particular expertise in exploiting space assets including Galileo and Copernicus within aviation.

In-Space Missions Ltd
In-Space Missions Limited was established to develop new space missions and to provide consultancy and procurement support to the space industry.  The company operates in the following areas: Teaming to develop new missions and take them from concept to fully funded, operational systems; Consultancy to newspace companies, traditional space companies, institutions and government. In-Space is able to support and enable everything from large scale capital projects to small scale technical developments; Procurement Support to space companies, new entrants and government. In-Space provides a customer friend function to enable pragmatic technical and programmatic oversight on space mission and subsystem procurements.

Inverse Quanta Ltd
Inverse Quanta Ltd (IQL) is an independent consultancy with expertise in the space, security and defence domains. IQL undertakes work across Europe, with an emphasis on early concept studies, bid support, business development, technology spin-out and business incubation.

ISP International SpacePropulsion Ltd
Primarily a propulsion engineering consultancy offering technical and project support to industry, based on a 30-year heritage of manufacturing, development and system AIT within Europe and US. Procurement agents for design and manufacture of small systems and specialised ground equipment for provision to ESA. Business development consultants for industrial SMEs wishing to participate in UK space sector, utilising strong technical and project heritage of working with UKSA and ESA.

JCR Systems
JCR Systems specialises in the design, development and verification of microwave, millimetre-wave and sub millimetre-wave radiometers. The team at JCR Systems has a world-class reputation, gained over more than 25 years in the space industry that started with the AMSU-B programme at BAe Space Systems, Bristol for the UK Met Office. This saw the development of three flight models for NOAA’s  Advance TIROS-N programme and an additional model for NASA’s EOS-AQUA programme. More recently, it has been making substantial contributions in the leadership of instrument definition studies for next generation microwave radiometers for MetOP-SG, EGPM and JASON-CS. Customers have included ESA, TRW, Lockheed–Martin, BAe Systems, Thales-Alenia Space and Astrium.  JCR Systems is a privately owned, wholly independent company.

Loughborough University
Loughborough University is one of the country’s leading universities, with an international reputation for research that matters, excellence in teaching, strong links with industry, and unrivaled achievement in sport and its underpinning academic disciplines. Loughborough University’s Space Cluster includes businesses across the breadth of the sector including both upstream and downstream (using spaced-enabled data and services). Working in partnership with the UK Space Agency our Space Incubator is committed to helping start-up companies, and those new to the space sector to succeed by sharing and applying ideas, knowledge, technologies, skills and services.

Magna Parva
Magna Parva engineers next generation Space technologies bringing significant heritage within R&D and flight missions such as ExoMars and BepiColombo. Covering a wide range of engineering disciplines and experienced in flight mechanical, structural & mechanisms hardware delivery, it can deliver step change in capability for comms, science and exploration missions. Its own technologies include Acoustic Propulsion Management Devices, Hold Down and Release Mechanisms and In-Space Manufacturing of very large booms. The patented in-Space manufacturing system provides a method of producing huge carbon composite 3D structures in space. A prototype system has been successfully built and tested under ‘near space’ conditions at Magna Parva’s Leicester development facility. It demonstrates the potential for the production of assemblies, equipment or even buildings from fully cured and consolidated carbon fibre materials, potentially miles in length.

Micross Components
Micross Components is a global provider of semiconductor die/wafer processing, package assembly, test and development solutions for defence, aerospace, medical and demanding or harsh environments. Its products and services are found across all market segments where applications require faster, smaller and lighter products to be used in demanding environments. The key markets Micross serves are: Military, Space/ Aerospace / Avionics, Medical, Oil & Energy and Telecommunications.

Methera Global Communications Ltd (MGCL)
Methera Global Communications Ltd was established in October 2015 to design, implement and operate a medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite communications constellation with potentially global reach (‘Methera”). Methera will provide low-cost super-fast broadband services to rural customers via selected resellers in a number of nations around the world. It is currently in the study phase of the programme, with a goal of introducing service by 2021.

Mullard Space Science Laboratory
MSSL is a department of University College London, specialising in space research instrumentation with in-house detector, software, mechanical and electronic engineering facilities for design, build, integration and test. MSSL has close links with industry including technology transfer programmes.

National Composites Centre
The NCC is a not-for-profit Industrial Research and Technology centre based outside Bristol. It specialises in composites manufacturing processes helping industry to de-risk and improve and speed up the commercial introduction of composite materials and processes. It is part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, and its capability offering to industry is to deliver full concept to production process ready prototype service.

Nottingham Scientific Ltd (NSL)
Nottingham Scientific Ltd is a UK-based SME that specialises in the development of GNSS-based technologies and applications. NSL develops solutions for commercial and governmental markets where there is a high degree of assurance placed on the accuracy, availability ad integrity of positional and timing information.

Orbital Works
Orbital Works is a start -up that focuses on creating B2B applications utilising satellite Earth Observation (EO) data. Its primary areas of interest are agricultural yield analysis and remotely monitoring infrastructure. It has recently been awarded a grant from Innovate UK to prototype a novel technology that could greatly boost the capability of detecting threats that affect hazardous material pipelines. Threats include leakages, third-party damage and geohazards, e.g. movement and soil erosion.

Oxford Space Systems
Oxford Space Systems is an award-winning space technology business developing novel hardware solutions that are lighter, less complex and lower cost than those in current commercial demand.  The OSS vision is to become a recognised, leading supplier of highly competitive deployable structures for the global satellite industry. By working with leading academic & commercial collaborators, OSS is developing genuinely innovative scalable boom, panel and antenna solutions for Europe’s leading satellite builders. Based at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus – the UK’s Space Cluster – OSS enjoys access to the world-class facilities & expertise of RAL Space, together with support from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Satellite Applications Catapult.

Plum Consulting
Plum Consulting has a long and successful track record supporting space sector activities across the technical, regulatory, economic and policy domains.  Our expertise includes interference analysis; link budget design; satellite network / Earth station spectrum authorisation and service licensing; frequency coordination; ITU-R rules, guidelines and procedures on satellite filings; spectrum fees and cost recovery charges; the drafting of space services regulatory framework guidelines, procedures and policy statements.

Red Kite Management Consulting
Red Kite Management Consulting is a consulting firm that helps businesses to achieve value and growth from their technology and capabilities. It helps technology and environmental businesses to grow and to profit from their technology or expertise. Red Kite’s unique approach links together 3 key factors: Customers, Technology and Economics.  Over 30 years it has delivered value to businesses from start-ups and SMEs to multi-billion pound international corporations. It also helps organisations in any sector to work better with technology, environmental or other strategic issues to create business value.

ScottSpace was formed to provide support to organisations developing technologies with applications in space, and also those already involved in space that wish to exploit technologies in terrestrial applications. Current clients include: RAL Space, UKSA, the University of Leicester, and the Cornwall Development Company. I work both within an organisation in hands-on roles, or as a consultant.

SEN Corporation Ltd
SEN will create space television, gathering news & information about worlds and events, delivering unique perspectives of what’s going on in space and providing valuable data for the multi-billion dollar space market. SEN aims to inspire, educate and connect humanity.

Seradata Ltd
Seradata produces SpaceTrak, the Space Industry’s leading launch and satellite database. Delivered via a powerful website, SpaceTrak provides comprehensive, consistent, independent and authoritative information covering every launch and satellite since Sputnik (1957). SpaceTrak guides the marketing and risk decisions of manufacturers, launch providers, satellite operators and insurance companies worldwide.

Providing hardware solutions for the space satellite and launch industries that includes modular propulsion systems for CubeSats, S&T level electronics and space magnetic components. Working on projects across the European space industry involving all major new and old space satellite manufacturers, system developers and launch providers.

Spur Electron Ltd
Spur Electron Ltd is a privately owned company established in 1982 to provide component engineering, procurement, laboratory services and assembly to the Space, Aerospace, Military and Government sectors.

STAR-Dundee is a leading supplier of spacecraft on-board data-handling technology, delivering a comprehensive range of SpaceWire and SpaceFibre test and development equipment, chip designs and IP cores to the international aerospace industry. SpaceWire is the de facto standard network technology for current spacecraft on-board data handling applications, already being used on over 100 spacecraft. SpaceFibre is a new, multi-Gbits/s, on-board network technology which runs over both electrical and fibre-optic cables. SpaceFibre is capable of fulfilling a wide range of on-board communications applications because of its inbuilt quality of service (QoS) and fault detection, isolation and recovery (FDIR) capabilities. The innovative QoS mechanism provides concurrent bandwidth reservation, priority and scheduled QoS.  Novel integrated FDIR support provides galvanic isolation, transparent recovery from transient errors, error containment and “Babbling Idiot” protection. SpaceFibre is backwards compatible with existing SpaceWire equipment at the packet level allowing simple interconnection of SpaceWire devices into a SpaceFibre network.

Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited
Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited was established in the UK in 2004, to further Stellar’s vision internationally: satisfy its customers’ critical needs with talented and engaged staff, helping them realise their dream jobs. Today the company’s guiding principles and values remain the same, with a diverse, multi-skilled international staff and an equally diverse and innovative set of international customers. Engineering and project support for space systems remains SSAL’s core business, but in recent years the company has further diversified to support aeronautical market assessments and projects, and to provide due diligence and other advisory services to the insurance and financial sectors.

Trym Systems Ltd
Trym Systems Ltd provides technical and business development consultancy services.  Expertise in scientific and Earth Observation missions is offered and is of value in particular toe SMEs wishing to grow from a technology niche into programmes.

Walker Precision Engineering Ltd
WPE and its two sister companies (Walker Guidance Systems and Walker Precision Engineering Polska) operates from three sites: Glasgow, Basildon and Poland. WPE delivers precision machined components primarily to the defence, space and aerospace markets. WPE also offers capability in electroplating and painting, and assembly and testing.

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