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By damian - October 3rd, 2023 Posted in No comments


XCAM specialises in imaging solutions for challenging applications. With over 25 years of experience in scientific and industrial markets, XCAM is growing its space business. XCAM developed C3D for UKCube1, which later flew on AlSat Nano and MIR Sat1, and is now developing the next generation of CubeSat and SmallSat compatible camera electronics in Nuscis.

The company has also built and delivered an X-ray camera for a rocket sounding mission, provided characterisation and test systems for numerous space projects, and is growing its offering in ground support equipment. XCAM is at the forefront of particle detection with a commercial cleanroom particle fall-out monitor spun out of an ESA development for monitoring the environment inside rocket fairings. The majority of XCAM’s business is with overseas customers, however, the company looks to grow both UK and international revenue.