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By damian - August 30th, 2023 Posted in No comments

Space Aye

Space Aye is a pioneering Scottish space tech company specialising in merging IoT data with real-time satellite imagery to create contextualised, actionable and personalised data, under pinned by patents.

Our mission is to make real-time satellite imagery more usable in everyday applications to save lives, money and potentially our planet. Space Aye has created applications using their US Patent, including their newest app release, Space2Site. Space2Site offers the opportunity to secure and identify remote workers and assets, as well as identify potential illegal activity. This is one use case of our unique strategy, merging location data with real-time satellite imagery to create contextualised and actionable data which could reduce theft and fraud in the Oil & Gas sector. The opportunities are endless and have societal, commercial and climate impacts…Space Aye strategies focus on the firefighter and the fire.

Space Aye continues to explore unique strategies through collaboration to create applications which benefit humankind by combining IoT data and real-time satellite imagery.