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By damian - February 1st, 2023 Posted in No comments


Skytek has participated in EU and European Space Agency research projects since its inception, and is very experienced in applying space-based EO and navigation technologies to real-world problems. It is a leading provider of cost-effective solutions using the latest mobile and internet technologies. Skytek’s technical team had twice won awards from NASA for outstanding innovation and technical development. Skytek’s core competence is in the development of innovative and novel solutions for business, with a particular focus on the space industry. Skytek has been involved in the complete design cycle for complex software application from analysis to design, development, through to final installation.

Skytek has strong project management skills and has considerable expertise in the management of research and technical studies. Key customers include the European Space Agency, NASA, Airbus Defence and Space, AON and the Irish Naval Service.

Skytek’s main areas of expertise are:

  • ​Earth Observation Cloud based data processing web-based applications;
  • Web-based Earth Observation Data Access and Visualisation;
  • Commercialisation of Research
  • Web & Cloud-based application development;
  • Procedural and information sharing/exchange between multiple parties;
  • Supporting working groups for advanced space domain application development and standards;
  • Web-based user collaboration systems;
  • Intelligent procedure and decision support