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By damian - September 19th, 2023 Posted in No comments


Skyrora is a UK launch vehicle provider placing sustainability as an utmost priority. Skyrora aims to support the UK’s plans for space sector growth and the increasing need for a sovereign launch capability by providing these capabilities to the commercial sector and UK government through their flexible end-to-end launch service, whilst also continuously evolving to meet the needs of the evolving New Space environment.

Skyrora is currently developing a suite of innovative technologies including a suborbital launch vehicle, Skylark L, and an orbital launch vehicle, Skyrora XL, all with environmental and responsive priorities. Alongside launch vehicles, Skyrora is also developing Skyprint, an innovative metal 3D printer, and Ecosene, an environmentally responsible rocket fuel derived from plastic waste. Skyrora is well on track to launch the first vertical commercial rocket from UK soil carrying small satellite technology. Completing this milestone will support the UK National Space Strategy and support the UK in becoming a science and technology superpower by 2030.

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