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By damian - June 16th, 2023 Posted in No comments

Resonate Testing

Resonate Testing is a family owned and operated SME providing ISO17025:2017 accredited mechanical and environmental test services. Its validation testing has supported accreditation of customer components over a wide range of industries and applications. As an SME, the company prides itself on understanding the support SME customers need. Resonate Testing’s USP is working with and supporting new start and new space SME companies. Understanding the need to support and add value for its customers is the cornerstone service that ensure so many referrals and recommendations from existing customer’s.

Resonate Testing is a UK-based test facilitator with a proven track record of supporting component qualification for the space and defence industries. Services include vibration, shock, and SRS shock etc, demonstrating spec compliance for launch vehicles. The organisation is ideally positioned to demonstrate compliance with the most stringent environmental test requirements, with the added benefit of offering the clients bespoke, tailored support and solutions for a range of test requirements. Its in-house integration of engineered solutions deliver design, fabrication or instrumentation of test rigs.

Additionally, the organisation delivers vibration and shock training on best practice within the space industry.

The company is always happy to discuss any test requirement you may have. Communication is key; livestreaming and adopting the role of supporting functional checks makes remote working, communicating and testing with Resonate Testing an easy, low-cost, high value option.