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By damian - February 1st, 2023 Posted in No comments

Open Cosmos

Open Cosmos provides simple and affordable space missions to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. It enables companies across a wide range of industries to use space applications and technologies as a tool by removing three main space access barriers: time-consuming paperwork, expensive technology, and overall costs.

By rethinking the way a satellite is being developed, procured, manufactured and operated, Open Cosmos allows its customers to benefit from significant cost and time reduction while ensuring reliability across all mission elements. This is driven by a mass-customisation methodology which covers all aspects of nanosatellite space missions, from spacecraft design to testing, from procurement to launch, and from mission definition to operations and orbital data delivery. Additionally, Open Cosmos provides services and enabling tools for rapid payload development, allowing businesses, research institutions and organisations from across industries to develop their technologies.​

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