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By damian - February 1st, 2023 Posted in No comments

McKenzie Intelligence Services

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) is a geospatial data and imagery analysis intelligence scale-up, with a London HQ and offices across the UK. It is best known for delivering award-winning intelligence against major catastrophes for global insurance clients.

MIS tasks and analyses data from space, air, IoT and ground based sensors to provide the most timely, robust and holistic view of a catastrophic event. The company combines machine learning algorithms with our military trained imagery analysis experts to provide the facts from the ground before, during and after the event. MIS measures damage and provides functionality assessments against individual sites within 24 hours, helping insurers quantify their exposure, and their claims teams to help those affected more quickly and efficiently.

The company also works with the world’s leading humanitarian response organisations, as well as local and national Governments, delivering geospatial intelligence which solves complex problems and delivers insight impossible to achieve via traditional methods of investigation.‚Äč