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By damian - February 1st, 2023 Posted in No comments

Fistral Training and Consultancy Ltd

Providing training and consultancy for the space industry since 1991, Fistral is highly experienced in delivering practical skills training that is relevant, applied and immediately applicable to the sector. The company offers a wealth of understanding and practical expertise supporting all staff working in industry or academia.

Fistral’s customised suite of courses, tailored specifically for the space industry and delivered regularly with ESA and partners across Europe, includes: Project Management, Risk Management, Mission Schedule Control, Agile Product Management, Team Leadership, Team Working, Professional Communication, Assertiveness, Managing Difficult Behaviour, Time Management, and Decision-Making.

Having consulted on missions such as ATHENA, JUICE and Solar Orbiter, Fistral has successfully trained thousands of ESA and partner staff involved in projects such as Galileo, Rosetta, Gaia and the ISS. The company regularly works in cutting-edge research and knowledge-intensive sectors in academia and industry, with partners supporting research staff and internships at the Barnes Group, Boeing, EDF Energy, Lockheed Martin, the Max-Planck Institute, Telespazio Vega, Terma and SSL Group. It has a long-standing relationship with universities, research institutes, Doctoral Colleges, CDTs, ITNs and UK Catapult centres.

Practical transferable skills courses focus on best practice as well as the tools and techniques we know work in space, aerospace, energy and engineering environments. Using our vast experience with a wide range staff at all levels (from YGTs to system engineers to mission scientists to astronauts) across a range of organisations all over Europe, the applicability and relevance of our consultancy and training can be seen in consistently excellent feedback.