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By damian - October 3rd, 2023 Posted in No comments


Earth-i is an innovative Geospatial Information services provider that uses multi-resolution, multi-sensor Earth Observation (EO) data including satellite video, and combines it with advanced analytics and data science to provide near real time actionable insights.

Earth-i’s mission is to provide unique and relevant insights, derived from diverse geospatial data, to deliver clear decision advantage for clients in commercial, government and security sectors. The company uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, data fusion and data science to interpret satellite data automatically for a wide range of applications.

The company’s vision is that a consistent flow of satellite data coupled with automated analytics will drive powerful new insights into what’s happening on planet Earth, at any location and in near real time. Such insights will unlock the answers to the most challenging of questions and drive the big decisions about how we manage our world to deliver sustainability, security and prosperity for our communities.

Earth-i is pioneering the transition from data processing to data science, from satellite imagery to geospatial intelligence, from “all-seeing” to “all-knowing”. The company is moving beyond helping its clients to understand the ‘here and now’, and giving them the insights they need to understand the future to their advantage.​