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By damian - February 1st, 2023 Posted in No comments


The AVS group (AVS Added Value Solutions) has been based at the Harwell campus since 2009 and is a major provider of scientific equipment to the Research Complex at Harwell.

In 2014, following its strategy to develop an innovative catalogue of Space products in Propulsion, Mechanisms, Optical and Thermal subsystems, the company opened its UK subsidiary (AVS UK), which has offices and labs in Harwell and Westcott. as well as starting a dedicated spin-out company, URA Thrusters, for the development of in-space water propulsion systems. Both AVS UK and URA have major commercial and institutional contracts for developing critical technologies for Science, Exploration, Telecommunication and Earth Observation applications.

The company is an EN9100 approved supplier to several space primes and large science facilities (CERN, STFC, UKAEA, ESRF, ESS).