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By damian - October 3rd, 2023 Posted in No comments


AVEALTO Ltd. Intends to operate a fleet of High Altitude Platform (“HAP”) vehicles to provide high value telecom infrastructure services to developed and undeveloped areas.

AVEALTO HAP vehicles will be stationary at 20+ km altitude. Each HAP can provide coverage to a 240km (150 mile) diameter area, will have significant bandwidth and be able to support multiple terminals on the ground including 5G.

For one to one communications, HAPs provide a significantly higher quality of transmission, compared to Geosats through reduced latency and a lower bit error rate (BER).

A large number of HAP studies and research have been funded by ESA and EU governments in the last 15 years. All studies showed a positive outlook for using HAPs for telecom services. Due to advances in: Solar Cell Efficiency, Battery Density, Plastic Film Materials and Communications Electronics, a commercially viable HAP to provide telecom infrastructure is now possible.​​