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- February 23rd, 2015 Posted in Uncategorised

SmartLink23 February 2015 – Chemring Technology Solutions, Avanti Government Services and Spectra Group (UK) Ltd have collaborated and completed trials to deliver a secure, rapidly deployable cellular communications system over satellite for defence and security use in remote locations.

Both Spectra’s SHADE™ Lite and µSHADE™ solutions were used to provide a secure connection to SmartLink™ via Avanti’s Ka-band satellite system. The technology integration trial simultaneously delivered a range of cellular services using multiple handsets, including:

  • File sharing
  • Push-to-talk
  • Situational awareness applications
  • Video streaming
  • VoIP calls
  • Web browsing

The SmartLink™ capability supports military units requiring a secure connection to support operations and even mobile network operators (MNOs) wishing to extend their services to remote locations.

Will Tucker, Product Leader at Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “Chemring Technology Solutions and its partners have proven that a satellite-based cellular communications network can securely and consistently deliver a wide range of end-user services. Avanti’s satellite communications technology helps SmartLink to deliver an extensive global service with consistent quality, while the addition of Spectra’s µSHADE™ means cost-saving on network configuration, the addition of government-level security, ease of use, and fast, straight-forward deployment.”

Paul Feenan, Director of Avanti Government Services, commented: “Our collaboration allows us to address immediate demand for a number of use cases, most notably with highly secure applications for the defence, security and emergency responder sectors. This capability complements and builds on Avanti’s pioneering deployment of 3G backhaul in 2013. Our satellite technology delivers the levels of quality and flexibility that the most demanding government and commercial customers seek.”