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- December 19th, 2019 Posted in News

19 December 2019 – Today’s Queen’s Speech provides continued momentum on the space agenda and the Government’s commitment to it, building upon the UK’s recently-announced strong investment in ESA.

The Government’s plans include: “Establishing a new National Space Council and launching a comprehensive UK Space Strategy,” as well promising to “prioritise investment in industries of the future” which includes space.

UKspace is hugely encouraged that the Government recognises the vital role that “A new National Space Council and UK Space Strategy will help the UK lead the way in this fast-growing, high-technology sector, creating thousands of jobs across the country and generating opportunities to strengthen the UK’s global influence while keeping people safe.”

Additionally, it’s clear that Government has listened to the growing voice of the UK space sector, stating that “the Cabinet-level National Space Council will help put space at the heart of Government policy and help us deliver a UK Space Strategy. The Space Strategy will boost future funding and lead to a dedicated innovation programme to support future space exploration and exploitation of technology developments by funding cutting-edge British innovation in AI, robotics and satellites.”

We look forward to working with the Minister for Space, and hope that this renewed commitment extends to establishing a new UK global satellite navigation system, which was one of five key policy recommendations in the UKspace 2020 Manifesto.

Looking ahead to the start of a new decade, we hope the Government’s plans will foster an environment in which the whole UK space sector will have the opportunity to thrive and move towards our target of growing its annual revenues to £40bn per year by 2030.