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- March 5th, 2021 Posted in News

During a lengthy House of Lords debate yesterday about the UK space industry, a range of issues were discussed about the steps being taken by the Government to support the sector.

Lord Willetts, was one of three former Space Ministers to participate in the debate, with a total of 27 peers making speeches covering a range of topics including funding, innovation, regulation, climate change, collaborative opportunities with China, disability discrimination, Galileo, UK Space Command, vertical launch and spaceports.

UKspace Chair, Nick Shave, said: “UKspace welcomes yesterday’s debate on the space sector and the strong recognition from many peers that space is more strategically and economically important to the UK than ever before. Space is one of the bright new sectors which can ensure the nation Builds Back Better. Effective Government support and investment is critical now to capture the significant opportunity in the fast growing global space market.”