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The Parliamentary Space Committee (PSC) is an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) made up of cross-party Members of the Commons and Lords who are interested in Space.

The PSC is designed to raise awareness in Parliament of the importance and opportunities of space based capabilities to the UK economy, policy making, society and the space community.

Chaired by David Morris MP the PSC also  highlights and promotes the benefits from the UK’s investment in space and its leading role within the global space economy. The  group have several Vice Chairs as members who are championing the UKspace sector in Parliament.

UKspace (currently via ADS) provides the secretariat support for the PSC and this partnership will enable industry and Parliamentarians to work together to support the space agenda.

We are working with the PSC to deliver a relevant, interesting and influential programme of activity to encourage and educate political stakeholders on space industry growth, issues, requirements and the space future.

The PSC is being run through the UKspace Political Affairs Group.