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- September 18th, 2017 Posted in Uncategorised

18 September 2017 – Oxford Space Systems (OSS) has won a significant space industry award in recognition for its disruptive innovation and future potential. The FinSpace Awards, which recognize the most promising start-ups in the space industry took place in Paris, France on 15 September. The global competition, organized by the space-industry consultancy Euroconsult, forms part of the Annual World Space Business Week Conference.

Twenty-two start-up space companies were selected as finalists from around the world for being the “most promising” in terms of performance and growth opportunities in the commercial space sector.

Jean-Jacques Dordain, Jury President & Member of Advisory Board said: “The success of FinSpace is one of the many signs demonstrating that new space is also moving in Europe. It is a wide movement, involving many actors, public agencies, traditional and new, big and small, entrepreneurs and investors; they are all contributing to make the movement irreversible and sustainable. Congratulations to the top 5 which have been short listed from 22 promising ones.”

OSS was the only UK company to win, with other winners Aerospacelab, Astrapi, LeoLabs and ThrustMe coming from the US and Europe. As a winner, OSS got to pitch its story to the World
Space Business Week audience and will also receive €10,000 Euros ($12,000) in Euroconsult research products and six months’ public relations support from Communications-Smart.

OSS Founder and CEO, Mike Lawton explained: “It’s great to have such prestigious recognition of our business model, technical innovation and record-breaking achievement in getting our
first product, our AstroTube Boom, in orbit successfully. I’m really proud that OSS and the UK has global recognition in the exciting newspace industry.”